Visual testing can provide you with large amounts of information and guidance on further investigations that are required to gather details required to make educated and economic decisions. We provide expert visual inspections typically conducted by our highly qualified API inspectors and issue reports on our findings which include recommendations for any required testing methods for further investigations. Our comprehensive approach to inspections begins with Visual Inspections and proceeds to other traditional and advanced NDE techniques. In addition to simple visual inspection techniques, we also provide services using advanced Bore-scopes and Drones.

Bore-scope inspections can be used for:

  • Tubes – Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Air Coolers
  • Piping – Buried piping, Drain Lines, Feed Lines, etc.
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Miscellaneous Components

Regardless of the size of the component, we have Bore-scopes that will suit the application. For more information, please contact us.