Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a widely used Non Destructive Testing technique for detection of surface and near-surface defects. Both AC & DC capabilites available based on client and industry requirement. This method is uniquely suited for crack detection in metals. Yoke can be used in various directions to magnetize ferromagnetic parts to detect defects in multiple orientations. Our team of experts are trained and certified Level II inspectors based on SNT-TC-1-A guidelines. Benefits of Magnetic Particle Inspections include:

  • Detection of surface and near surface defects
  • Capability of testing parts with various complex geometries
  • Cleanliness requirements not as stringent as with other test methods
  • Portable method can be used in most industry settings with ease
  • Low cost option to other advanced NDE techniques
  • Used in a wide variety of industries such as Aerospace, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals etc.
  • Available in Dry Powder & Wet Fluorescent types to use in various applications
  • Ideal to test weldments and other components prone to cracking
  • Best suited for testing of pressure vessels, plates, piping, castings & forgings, tubes and welds

We have extensive experience in using this technique successfully in a variety of industries. For more details, please contact us.