Process Piping is the most common component of every manufacturing industry from refining and petrochemicals to food processing and pharmaceuticals. Process piping is susceptible to various forms of damage and degradation due to environmental cracking, fatigue, corrosion, erosion, CUI and other forms of damage.

Our piping inspection program include:

  • Testing Piping & creating TML’s / CML’s for future monitoring
  • Evaluate piping systems for CUI, Contact point corrosion, and service specific corrosion/erosion
  • Inspect PRV’s, valves, hangars & support structures
  • Isometric Mapping & P&ID Development


We utilize various traditional and advanced NDE methods to test piping based on damage mechanism observed. Our program is customized for each individual client and we detailed maps and reports including recommendations are provided on completion of inspections.


We utilize UT, SWUT, ET & PAUT where applicable while testing piping.