PT (Penetrant Testing) is an inspection method that is utilized to reveal surface breaking defects in various metallurgies. This technique is based on “capillary action” which allows any suitable liquid to be drawn into a surface breaking defect. A suitable developer can draw the penetrant liquid from a defect which can be viewed by using contrasting penetrants or under a black light if using fluorescent penetrants. Our technicians are all Level II certified per SNT-TC-1-A guidelines and have vast experience in using this technique on various kinds of plant assets.


Liquid Penn

Pentrant testing has a wide array of benefits and can be used quickly and effectively in most industrial settings and on various complex geometries. Benefits of PT include:

  • Highly sensitive to small defects and discontinuities
  • Versatile to equipment with complex geometry
  • Large areas can be tested quickly and effectively
  • Low cost option for testing of surface breaking defects
  • Defect identification is done in realtime providing quick results upon completion
  • Portable low-cost method
  • Detection of cracks, lack of bonding, etc.
  • Used on all types of metals and nonmetals
  • Can be used in pressure vessels, piping, tubes, plates, and welds

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