Tubular failures are a leading cause of forced outages in the power industry. These include failures in furnace tubes, superheater / reheater tubes, generating bank tubes or in pre-boiler circuitry such as feedwater heaters, condensers and various coolers. Emtex NDT can assist with testing boiler components in emergency situations & during planned outages. We can assist with inspecting:


  • Combustion Chamber / Furnace / Water Wall tubes
  • Economizer, Superheater & Reheater – Tubes and Headers
  • Generating Bank Tubes
  • Drums & Headers
  • High Energy Piping
  • Turbines
  • Deaerator System – DA Tank & FWH Storage Tank



Generating Bank Tubes: Use Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) to test tubes and get results immediately following inspections. We can:


  • Test up to 300 tubes per shift
  • Capable of testing tubes from Steam Drum or Mud Drum
  • Can traverse bends in generating bank tubes
  • Dry method does not require water in tubes
  • Minimal cleaning required to perform inspections



DA Tank Inspections


  • Electromagnetic (ET) Scan of welds with minimal surface preparation
  • Dry method does not require sandblasting or buffing of welds
  • Faster than conventional methods such as WFMT or PT
  • Detailed maps & reports provided immediately following completion of inspection