Turbines are the most critical component of the power (steam & wind) industry. Failures to turbines can be costly to repair and revenue losses due to downtime can be prohibitive. Our testing services target all critical components of turbines to ensure integrity. Our turbine inspection program service the fossil fuel & wind energy industry. We utilize several traditional and advanced NDE methods to test turbines:

  • Electromagnetic Testing
  • Straigh Beam UT
  • Phased Array UT
  • Time of Flight Diffraction
  • Angle Beam / Shear Wave UT
  • Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

Our services include testing of all turbine components such as rotors, generator shaft, turbine blades, stuffing boxes, valve seats, turbine casing, bearings, diaphragms, bolts, pins etc. Please contact us for all your turbine inspection needs and a specialist will provide you with expert assistance.